Broken Time


Broken Time

”As I entered the bridge of the spaceship’s wreckage, I was able to see the remains of the crew; Mummified corpses still wearing their uniforms, some of them touching the consoles and controls, others showing signs of severe injuries.

I saw the captain’s chair at the middle of the bridge, and a faint trace of what seemed to be dried blood painted on the floor leading to what appeared to be the Captain’s remains. The ship’s configuration is unknown to me; my scanners are having a hard time deciphering the atomic readings of the materials around me – something’s not right in here…. it’s as if this ship was not from this solar system, quantum readings are very odd… I can’t determine the age of the wreckage.

As I approached the Captain’s corpse for a closer examination, I noticed her hand was holding a rather simple device: A broken hour glass.”

Así es la descripción que me inspiró el escuchar estos acordes;  Fue creado al estar haciendo el video de DMT para Metamorfología y se me ocurrió hacer un interesante Mashup entre la melodía Broken (Clemens Ruh) y Time (Hans Zimmer).



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